package pointsto

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Type Members

  1. trait AbstractPointsToAnalysis extends PointsToAnalysisBase with ReachableMethodAnalysis

    A context-insensitive points-to analysis, that uses an abstract PointsToSetLike in order to manage points-to sets.

  2. trait AbstractPointsToAnalysisScheduler extends FPCFTriggeredAnalysisScheduler
  3. trait AbstractPointsToBasedAnalysis extends FPCFAnalysis

    Provides methods in order to work with points-to sets.

  4. trait AllocationSiteBasedAnalysis extends AbstractPointsToBasedAnalysis
  5. class AllocationSiteBasedPointsToAnalysis extends AbstractPointsToAnalysis with AllocationSiteBasedAnalysis
  6. abstract class AllocationSiteBasedTamiFlexPointsToAnalysis extends PointsToAnalysisBase

    Handles the effect of tamiflex logs for the points-to sets.

  7. case class AllocationSiteDescription(cf: String, name: String, desc: String, instantiatedType: String, arrayComponentTypes: Seq[String]) extends EntityDescription with Product with Serializable
  8. case class ArrayDescription(array: EntityDescription, arrayType: String) extends EntityDescription with Product with Serializable
  9. case class ArrayEntity[ElementType](element: ElementType) extends Product with Serializable

    Special entities, that are only used in the points-to analysis context.

  10. abstract class ArraycopyPointsToAnalysis extends PointsToAnalysisBase with TACAIBasedAPIBasedAnalysis

    Handles the effect of java.lang.System.arraycopy* to points-to sets.

  11. trait ArraycopyPointsToAnalysisScheduler extends BasicFPCFEagerAnalysisScheduler
  12. case class CallExceptions(defSite: DefinitionSite) extends Product with Serializable
  13. case class ConfiguredMethodData(cf: String, name: String, desc: String, pointsTo: Option[Array[PointsToRelation]], methodInvocations: Option[Array[MethodDescription]]) extends Product with Serializable
  14. case class ConfiguredMethods(nativeMethods: Array[ConfiguredMethodData]) extends Product with Serializable
  15. abstract class ConfiguredMethodsPointsToAnalysis extends PointsToAnalysisBase

    Applies the impact of preconfigured methods to the points-to analysis.

    Applies the impact of preconfigured methods to the points-to analysis.

    TODO: example TODO: refer to the config file

  16. trait ConfiguredMethodsPointsToAnalysisScheduler extends FPCFTriggeredAnalysisScheduler
  17. sealed trait EntityDescription extends AnyRef
  18. case class MethodDescription(cf: String, name: String, desc: String) extends EntityDescription with Product with Serializable
  19. case class MethodExceptions(dm: DeclaredMethod) extends Product with Serializable
  20. case class ParameterDescription(cf: String, name: String, desc: String, index: Int) extends EntityDescription with Product with Serializable
  21. trait PointsToAnalysisBase extends AbstractPointsToBasedAnalysis

    Base class for handling instructions in points-to analysis scenarios.

  22. class PointsToAnalysisState[ElementType, PointsToSet <: PointsToSetLike[ElementType, _, PointsToSet]] extends TACAIBasedAnalysisState

    Encapsulates the state of the analysis, analyzing a certain method using the org.opalj.tac.fpcf.analyses.pointsto.TypeBasedPointsToAnalysis.

  23. case class PointsToRelation(lhs: EntityDescription, rhs: EntityDescription) extends Product with Serializable
  24. case class StaticFieldDescription(cf: String, name: String, fieldType: String) extends EntityDescription with Product with Serializable
  25. class TamiFlexLogData extends AnyRef

    Container class, to represent a tamiflex log:

  26. abstract class TamiFlexPointsToArrayGetAnalysis extends PointsToAnalysisBase with TACAIBasedAPIBasedAnalysis
  27. abstract class TamiFlexPointsToArraySetAnalysis extends PointsToAnalysisBase with TACAIBasedAPIBasedAnalysis
  28. abstract class TamiFlexPointsToClassGetMemberAnalysis extends PointsToAnalysisBase with APIBasedAnalysis
  29. abstract class TamiFlexPointsToClassGetMembersAnalysis extends PointsToAnalysisBase with APIBasedAnalysis
  30. abstract class TamiFlexPointsToFieldGetAnalysis extends PointsToAnalysisBase with TACAIBasedAPIBasedAnalysis
  31. abstract class TamiFlexPointsToFieldSetAnalysis extends PointsToAnalysisBase with TACAIBasedAPIBasedAnalysis
  32. abstract class TamiFlexPointsToNewInstanceAnalysis extends PointsToAnalysisBase with APIBasedAnalysis
  33. trait TypeBasedAnalysis extends AbstractPointsToBasedAnalysis

    Mix-in trait for points-to analyses using typesets (TypeBasedPointsToSet) as points-to sets.

  34. class TypeBasedPointsToAnalysis extends AbstractPointsToAnalysis with TypeBasedAnalysis

    An andersen-style points-to analysis, i.e.

    An andersen-style points-to analysis, i.e. points-to sets are modeled as subsets. It uses TypeBasedPointsToSet as points-to sets, i.e. does not differentiate allocation sites for the same types. The analysis is field-based, array-based and context-insensitive. As the analysis is build on top of the org.opalj.tac.TACAI, it is (implicitly) flow-sensitive (which is not the case for pure andersen-style).

    Points-to sets may be attached to the following entities:

  35. abstract class UnsafeGetPointsToAnalysis extends PointsToAnalysisBase with TACAIBasedAPIBasedAnalysis
  36. abstract class UnsafePointsToAnalysis extends PointsToAnalysisBase

    Models effects of sun.misc.Unsafe to points-to sets.

  37. trait UnsafePointsToAnalysisScheduler extends BasicFPCFEagerAnalysisScheduler
  38. abstract class UnsafePutPointsToAnalysis extends PointsToAnalysisBase with TACAIBasedAPIBasedAnalysis

Value Members

  1. def toEntity(defSite: Int, method: DefinedMethod, stmts: Array[Stmt[DUVar[ValueInformation]]])(implicit formalParameters: VirtualFormalParameters, definitionSites: DefinitionSites): Entity

    Given a definition site (value origin) in a certain method, this returns the entity to be used to attach/retrieve points-to information from.

  2. object AllocationSiteBasedArraycopyPointsToAnalysisScheduler extends ArraycopyPointsToAnalysisScheduler
  3. object AllocationSiteBasedConfiguredMethodsPointsToAnalysisScheduler extends ConfiguredMethodsPointsToAnalysisScheduler
  4. object AllocationSiteBasedPointsToAnalysisScheduler extends AbstractPointsToAnalysisScheduler
  5. object AllocationSiteBasedTamiFlexPointsToAnalysisScheduler extends BasicFPCFEagerAnalysisScheduler
  6. object AllocationSiteBasedUnsafePointsToAnalysisScheduler extends UnsafePointsToAnalysisScheduler
  7. object ConfiguredMethodData extends Serializable
  8. object ConfiguredMethods extends Serializable
  9. object EntityDescription
  10. object MethodDescription extends Serializable
  11. object PointsToRelation extends Serializable
  12. object TamiFlexKey extends ProjectInformationKey[TamiFlexLogData, Nothing]

    Stores TamiFlex log information for the current project

  13. object TamiFlexPointsToAnalysis
  14. object TypeBasedArraycopyPointsToAnalysisScheduler extends ArraycopyPointsToAnalysisScheduler
  15. object TypeBasedConfiguredMethodsPointsToAnalysisScheduler extends ConfiguredMethodsPointsToAnalysisScheduler
  16. object TypeBasedPointsToAnalysisScheduler extends AbstractPointsToAnalysisScheduler
  17. object TypeBasedUnsafePointsToAnalysisScheduler extends UnsafePointsToAnalysisScheduler
  18. object UnsafeFakeField

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